Leading e-tendering services provider Millstream has launched a new website as an alternative to the Irish Government’s revamped national eTenders portal, which has attracted well-documented criticism from users since it moved to a new operator last week.

Millstream had operated the eTenders portal on behalf of the Government since 2003, and its success was widely acknowledged. The contract was re-tendered and moved to a new provider this month.

It has now launched its own myTenders Ireland website, at www.mytenders.ie, to offer public authorities an alternative option when publishing tender notices and crucially to make it easy for Irish companies to find and win public contracts.

Millstream also operates the myTenders and Tenders Direct websites in the UK, as well as the national procurement portals for Scotland and Norway.

Managing Director Tim Williams said the myTenders.ie website offered users the same functions they were used to, but with a fresh new look.

“We have had very encouraging expressions of support from many contracting authorities both large and small from across Ireland, and let’s just say that some of the comments that have been expressed to us regarding the new eTenders website were less than complimentary.

“We have relaunched our site with the same straightforward functions but with a modern new design, so it is reliable, easy to understand and with features built into the site in response to feedback from users. This new site provides all of the same facilities operating in the same way that the users have used for nine years so there is continuity and familiarity,” he said.

“We are very proud of the success we achieved with the eTenders website and the close working relationship we have developed with the Irish authorities and suppliers that used the service. After it was announced that a new company would be taking over the management and providing a new website, we were contacted by many authorities who told us they were happy with the service and didn’t want to change over to a new system.

“We therefore decided to launch myTenders in Ireland, with the same telephone and email support for clients, having worked with more than 3,700 Irish purchasing authorities and 73,000 suppliers since 2003.

“There is no legal obligation to use the official site so any authority can use myTenders.ie – from local authorities and utilities to airports and universities as well as the emergency services.

“We have also had some limited dialogue with the Office of Public Works which is the department responsible for eTenders. We are hopeful that we can work in partnership with the OPW to provide an effective service that meets the needs of the public sector and their suppliers.”

EU and Irish legislation requires contracting authorities to adhere to transparent, non-discriminatory and proportional principles when purchasing goods and services. They must also advertise all contracts above threshold values in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU).

For more information, visit www.mytenders.ie or call 00 353 01 617 7944.


One thought on “New website launched to rival eTenders portal

  1. s hatfield says:

    When will contracting authorities ever learn. What is the point of ignoring the considerations of an end user? I am not for one moment saying that an end user should receive unjustifiable “wants”, but if the functionality of a system works for them and it still meets the VFM criteria then where is the logical argument? Good to see Millstream taking a proactive stance on their issue and here’s hoping those end users use the alternative offering.

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