An OJEU contract notice for G-Cloud 4 has now been published and those interested in participating in the procurement process have until the 23rd September to submit bids. G-Cloud provides access to commodity, cloud-based services.    

The G-Cloud supports this by offering the public sector a wide variety of commodity cloud-based products, which are easily viewed and purchased via an online catalogue, Cloudstore.

In an effort to continue signing up more agile suppliers, GPS have attempted to make it even simpler to join G-Cloud, by listening to feedback that has been received. It has said that the latest framework and procurement process will include clearer instructions on how to apply and on how to carry forward services for suppliers already on G-Cloud ii or G-ii.

Full details of how to apply can be found at

A process that is inclusive of SME’s and listens to feedback so that it simplifies the qualification procedure has to be welcomed.

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