Companies in Wales who have blacklisted workers face being excluded from bidding for public sector contracts under a new policy.

The Welsh Government has issued a Procurement Advice Note to all public bodies in Wales outlining the steps that can be taken through procurement to eradicate blacklisting – the practice where workers are barred from employment because of trade union membership or activity.

Finance minister Jane Hutt said: “The use of blacklists is wholly unacceptable. Procurement is an important part of the overall policy toolkit of the Welsh Government. Under no circumstances is it acceptable for any business in receipt of public procurement expenditure to use blacklists.
I am determined to take action in Wales. I trust that other governments in the UK will take similar action if they have not already done so.”

Public sector procurement across the public sector in Wales amounts to £4.3 billion each year, of which around £1 billion relates to construction, where the practice has been exposed.

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