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2014 PQQ & Bid Writing Workshops, London and Manchester now available

Be honest, could your win rate be improved? Are you struggling to hit your revenue targets? Are you new to PQQ and Bidding and need a helping hand?

If any of this sounds like you, then invest with the best and come to our workshops, where you will discover a world of practical hints, tips and advice delivered by experienced bid and public sector specialists. To increase your Return on Investment, you are welcome to bring with you a question/answer from a previous submission and share it with our trainers on a 1 – 1 basis for some personal advice, on how it could have been improved.

★ A Striking PQQ

Do you know where to find opportunities, which opportunities to go for and how to complete that all important PQQ in a way that will get you over that important first hurdle. This one-day workshop will take a practical in-depth look at PQQ completion and show you how to answer the questions to enable you to stay in the race.

★ A Compelling Bid

How does your bid submission stack up against the competition, are they winning the work instead of you? This one-day workshop will look at the whole bid management process and show you how to present the most compelling bid possible to give you that winning edge.

More info – http://www.millstreamlearning.eu/Training/SupplierTraining

You can book online at http://www.millstreamlearning.eu or call 01224 650772 and ask for Gemma today.

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