A few months ago my colleague Cindy published a blog on the Pet Hates of Buyers which went through some of the main issues that buyers have had when dealing with suppliers. This blog will consider the other side of the coin and cover some of the pet hates that suppliers have when bidding for tenders.

Through my experience working in the Tenders Direct support team I have put together this blog from feedback that we have received from our customers and other external companies that are involved in public sector tendering.

The issues can be broken down into two main areas. Firstly all issues relating to the tendering process (planning, identifying the needs, market analysis and tendering) and secondly all issues that relate to the post tender activities (contract management, supplier relationship management and the actual performance of the contract).

Issues with tendering process:

The majority of these issues relate to the planning stage of the procurement cycle. Buyers should ensure that they are consulting all stakeholders within the organisation and make sure that they have good knowledge of what they need to procure, how many suppliers can provide this item and develop detailed documentation that makes it clear exactly what they need and has achievable KPIs based around the specification and needs of the organisation.

Issues with post tender activities

All companies seem to have some form of communication issues and the public sector is not immune to this. The majority of the issues above relate to communication and the best way that buyers can avoid this is to have direct contact(s) for the supplier to get in touch with, to ensure that the supplier knows exactly what is expected of them and who they need to contact at the organisation.

As a buyer how many of these supplier pet hates would you honestly say you are guilty of ? Do you feel that you need support to help enhance your procurement processes and make them more successful?

Millstream Associates offer Training and Consultancy services to both buyers and suppliers and can run an in house training course for buyers to provide an overview of the entire procurement process and cover the changes in relation to the new public contract regulations. For more information on the Training and Consultancy services we offer, visit www.millstreamlearning.eu or contact us on 0844 561 0675 or email training@millstream.eu.

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