Public sector tendering probably isn’t the first thought that springs to mind when you’re off to see the Christmas lights switch on while sipping on your mulled wine. Many of us will have finished our Christmas shopping by now…right? What a hopeful thought! Although it might not be in our second nature to be super prepared for Christmas (not to say some of us aren’t) – local authorities across the UK are already preparing for future Christmas’ with the issue of public sector notices. It may not seem logical for us to start writing our Christmas wish list for the next few years but it certainly should be the norm for local SMEs to be considering their preparation to search and respond to tender for future fulfilment in 2016, 2017, and 2018 and possibly beyond.

Our Tenders Direct team searched for the term ‘Christmas’ on our comprehensive database, and, recent figures show a rise of 28% in public sector notices supplying Christmas related services, requirements and products between October 2013 – November 2015.

We have noticed in particular that the increasingly popular Winter Wonderland Market Events have contributed to the rising volume of Christmas related tenders in the country. As these events dominate numerous cities across the UK, tenders released will range from councils in Oxford to Derbyshire, Southampton to Glasgow, Dublin and Cork seeking for services including: erection and installation of event infrastructure, outdoor event management, stewards, CCTV, crowd management, event planners, set and design, supply of funfairs, Christmas light switch on performances and festive catering.

In addition to the services already mentioned, suppliers should also contemplate pursuing tenders that are usually anticipated to be in demand on an annual basis. Maintenance and decorative contracts require the likes of Christmas lighting, illumination, projections and signage require supply of mass lighting, installation, operation, decorative design, removal and storage etc.

Festive tendering isn’t all about lights and decorations – pantomimes too! Do you indulge yourself with festive jokes and puns at the pantomime?   Behind the glittering props on stage, a lot of preparation takes place as tender notices are placed as far as 18 months in advance of the start date. Theatre production teams are sought to deliver a script, cast and full artistic services, merchandise, stage design and entertainment services. City councils such as Leicester, Ayrshire, Derbyshire, Derry, Scarborough, Salisbury, Swansea, Thurrock, Telford, Chesterfield, and Wirral have all published tenders for such requirements this year.

Evidently, it’s not only Santa who needs helpers – local councils do too so if you’re a supplier out there who can provide any of the listed services then it’s time to get even busier than you already are during the festive period!

Will yule log into Tenders Direct this Christmas to find your next festive tender?

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