It’s Valentine’s Day. That time of year when people pay attention to the special connections they have in life and take a bit of time to celebrate them. Or maybe you are still looking for some special connections? Still searching for that one relationship with long term potential, stability and plenty of money…

Of course, here we’re talking about your business connections – specifically your connections with public sector buyers and tendering. With contract life spans of three years plus, 30 day payment terms and a high chance of you retaining a contract once you’ve won it once – what’s not to love?

Its the big question: how do you unearth business connections? Who’s the online dating guru for public sector buyers and suppliers?  Our new look Tenders Direct site acts as the public procurement matchmaker: buyers advertise their opportunities on our website and suppliers set up a profile detailing exactly what they’re looking for. Suitable tender matches are emailed straight to you.

With a match making service at our fingertips, what kind of relationship building opportunities are active on Tenders Direct?

  • Meet the Buyer events – these are often listed on Tenders Direct as prior information notices (PIN’s) to publicise a corporate event. Meet the Buyer events are a great chance for buyers to connect with suppliers for a potential business opportunity – some could say they are the like the speed dating equivalent for businessmen.
  • Business Networking tenders like this one where High Peak Borough Council are looking for business advisers to facilitate networking opportunities in the High Peak area.

As well as business opportunities, what else can a subscription to Tenders Direct do for you and your relationships?

  • Never miss an important date – Tenders Direct has an in-built calendar function to keep you reminded of deadlines
  • Spread the love – send a tender to a colleague if you feel its something they would be interested in
  • A relationship advice counsellor – our service doesn’t end when you sign up, we pride ourselves on giving continued support to our customers throughout their tenure with us. Some customers have been with us for many years and have had the same Tenders Direct account manager


With our website features and wealth of tenders, your relationship with public sector tendering needn’t be complicated.

Once you’ve found the perfect business opportunity, why not celebrate with a £5m contract for beer and cider in London, or perhaps you’d prefer the more refined supply of wine for Queen’s University Belfast?

Its really that easy to keep relationships strong in public sector tendering. Go online now, search for your key terms and see just how many connections are waiting for you over at www.tendersdirect.co.uk.



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