In our last blog we outlined the challenge faced by suppliers when attempting to find suitable public sector contracts. Missing out on just one opportunity – particularly a framework agreement which can encompass many invitations to tender – is a nightmare scenario for any company. In this post we focus on how Tenders Direct prevents lucrative public work from passing our customers by.

How do we provide comprehensive visibility on public contracts?



We hold a license with European Commission to publish the daily edition of the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU), which lists larger contracts that exceed the relevant financial threshold.

For below threshold contracts – which can be the best targets for SMEs in particular – we have a dedicated team of publishers who meticulously scan through every source on a daily basis and transfer every notice on to the Tenders Direct database.

Armed with a comprehensive and constantly updated list of web links, the team monitors hundreds of sources promptly and thoroughly on any given day to ensure our customers have visibility on any relevant contract regardless of value.



The next step is to turn this raw data into accurate information. Over many years we have developed a truly unique keyword category system as an alternative to the EU-standard Common Procurement Vocabulary (CPV), with categories that correspond to almost every product and service you can imagine across every industry.

Instead of relying on the flawed CPV code system (see our previous blog) or text mining software to match words or phrases, our team of reviewers use their experience – and a healthy dose of common sense – to ensure that notices are categorised based on what the buyer is actually asking for.


Crucially, our team identifies any contracts and framework agreements that could apply outside the area in which they are published and ensure that they will be visible to regional suppliers.

So, if you’re a construction contractor in Manchester who only wants to see opportunities in the North West, we ensure that a contract or framework agreement published in London that involves work in your vicinity – or is open for use by local buyers – will be flagged up to you.

What happens next?

Once each days’s batch of newly published notices has been categorised, we’re ready to provide the core element of our service: targeted and comprehensive email alerts.

In the next and final post in the series, we look at the overall Tenders Direct solution and how we help suppliers complete the second stage of the challenge: winning.


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