Meet our Review Team: (from left to right) Carol Davidson, Kirsty Macdonald-Ross, Ewan MacAskill and Cameron Masson.

They provide something truly unique in our market: they read, analyse and categorise every english-language contract published in the Official Journal of the European Union as well as every below-threshold notice from across the UK and Ireland.

Their efforts serve to simplify the convoluted public sector marketplace, giving suppliers fast and easy access to suitable contracts and peace of mind that opportunities won’t pass them by.

Why do our keyword categories and review process matter?


“We use our own unique category system to classify every tender that we send to our customers. This provides a greater level of accuracy than the standard CPV codes. It is the review team’s responsibility to apply the most appropriate categories to each tender.

“We do this for two main reasons: Firstly, to reduce the amount of tenders customers might receive that are not relevant to their business. More importantly, to ensure that customers do not miss out on potential tender opportunities.”


“Our bespoke category system and review process are the backbone of our service – they differentiate us from our competitors who use CPV codes and individual keywords.

“So for every notice that we read and review each day, we know that we’re providing the best possible service for our customers by helping them to quickly find what they need without wading through irrelevant information.”


“We review hundreds of tenders each day, saving time and money for customers who may spend hours every week trawling through lists of tender notices that are not relevant to their business.

“We’re always looking for ways to stay up to date with advancements in technology and sector terminology. We continuously update our category system to ensure it stays relevant to today’s market and generates accurate alerts for our customer base.”


“Between us we read through hundreds of notices each day to make sure they are correctly categorised – this is a time-consuming and difficult task but thousands of companies appreciate what we do!

“Many of the contracts we see have unusual or vague descriptions. It is vital that we investigate these further to understand exactly what the contracts entail so our customers don’t miss opportunities.”

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