Social Value Update

Social value has gained more and more prominence in public procurement in recent years and moves are now underway to further prioritise and standardise these requirements.

Following the government’s decision to obligate central government organisations to take account of social value in procurement as of this summer, the Cabinet Office is holding a consultation on proposals for a new evaluation model that finishes on the 10th June.

It is open to interested suppliers, public sector buyers, and any other stakeholders in public procurement. Follow the link above to have your say.

What is changing?

Central government departments will be required to take account of social value in the award criteria of above-threshold contracts, with the proposed evaluation model providing for a minimum weighting of 10%.

A variety of themes and policy outcomes are outlined in the new model but purchasing organisations will retain freedom over how and when to apply them based on the subject matter of any given procurement and their own commissioning priorities.

There will be a standard set of questions and evaluation criteria for each of the policy areas outlined in the new model, along with a scoring methodology similar to that already used to gauge quality in tender submissions.

Why the consultation?

Sub-central and third sector bodies and their suppliers have been the main drivers of innovation in terms of social value up to this point, so input from experienced stakeholders will help to determine if the proposed model is workable.

Improving SME access to public contracts is also a major policy area and some of the key feedback requested in the consultation is focused on whether or not the new model helps or hinders the government’s objective of “levelling the playing field” for suppliers.

The questions posed in the consultation are:

Want to know more?

If you’re a supplier in need of advice on how best to approach the social value aspects of your public sector bids  – or a buyer looking for guidance on how to evaluate social value in procurement exercises – we’re ready to help. Visit our consultancy page or call 0800 222 9009.

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