In the news this week we have seen significant funding allocated to improving cycle routes in Wales, preventing flooding in England and making heavy industries more sustainable.
Our top OJEU notices for this week include construction at St. Thomas’ Hospital, parks maintenance in Kingston upon Thames and school cleaning in Slough.
We also have a breakdown of the number of tenders published this week, along with stats for our featured industries.
Across our tender database, there are over 32,400 live notices – from low value tenders to high value OJEU notices.

Tenders published in the last 7 days




Total UK Public
Sector Tenders
Low-Value noticesOJEU notices
Tenders published in the UK between 17.07.20 & 24.07.20




Top performing sectors between 17.07.20 & 24.07.20 – % increase in live tenders in the last 7 days




Live Construction
Live Healthcare
Live Tech
Number of live UK tenders for each featured industry, as of 24.07.20

In the last week we saw 752 tenders published across all sectors within the UK. with Healthcare seeing a significant 15.5% increase in the number of notices published.

In the News this week

Welsh Government to invest more than £50 million into making Wales a safer place to cycle and walk.
£38 million was announced today to make it safer for children and adults to get to school or work on foot, bike or scooter – in addition to the £15.4 million announced last month. Opportunities to be created from this funding include the building of walkways, cycle routes and footpath improvements.

Government to invest £5.2bn in long-term plan to tackle flooding in England.
◆ £200m go towards developing innovative projects such as sustainable drainage system and wildlife conservation.
◆ £170m to accelerate work on shovel-ready flood defence schemes starting in 2020.
◆ Around 2,000 new flood and coastal defences created.
◆ Up to 336,000 properties in England to be protected by 2027.

£350 million announced to cut emissions in heavy industry and support our nation’s net-zero target.
◆ £139 million to support the transition from natural gas to clean hydrogen power, and scaling up carbon capture and storage (CCS).
◆ £149 million to drive the use of innovative and recycled materials in heavy industry.
◆ £26 million to support more sustainable building techniques
◆ A £10 million boost for state of the art construction tech
◆ Opening up bids for a further £10million for R&D in the automotive sector, to help companies take cutting edge ideas from prototype to market

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Top OJEU Contract Award Notices

Title: United Kingdom-Kingston upon Thames: Parks maintenance services
Short description: Parks management and grounds maintenance — variation to extend contract for 9 months under PCRs 2015, Reg 72(1)(c).
Published By:
The Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames
Date Published: 20 Julu 2020
Framework/DPS: No
Value excluding VAT: £26,785,965.00
Number of tenders received: 7
Contractors: Idverde Ltd
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Title: United Kingdom-London: Construction work for buildings relating to health
Short description: Development of the Triangle Site situated at St Thomas’ Hospital, Westminster Bridge Road, London.
Date Published: 23 July 2020
Framework/DPS: No
Value excluding VAT: £156,000,000.00
Number of tenders received: 7
Contractors: Bouygues UK (trading as LinkCity)
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Title: United Kingdom-Slough: School cleaning services
Short description: Contracts to provide Ditton Park Academy and Grove Academy with a daily term time cleaning service and periodic cleaning during non-term time.
Published By: SASH Education Trust
Date Published: 23 July 2020
Framework/DPS: Yes
Value excluding VAT: £964,000.00
Number of tenders received: 5 (of which were SMEs: 2)
Contractors: Hayward Services Ltd
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