In this post we catch up with Robinsons Facilities Services Ltd to find out why they chose to renew their subscription with Tenders Direct.

Tell us about your company

Robinsons Facilities Services Ltd is Yorkshire’s leading HVAC maintenance and repair provider providing 24-7-365 cover to commercial clients throughout Yorkshire and surrounding areas.

How important is public sector work to your business?

Public contracts currently account for around 10-20% of our total work, but we’d like to increase this.

What business challenges did you face before using Tenders Direct?

Before Tenders Direct, we would spend a lot of effort manually searching separate public portals, and having to fill out multiple profiles for tenders sites which may/may not have been relevant to us.

Why did you choose Tenders Direct?

From looking at a range of tender alert services, Tenders Direct was the most robust system for opportunities, and sensibly priced.

How would you describe your experience of using Tenders Direct?

Great! We just use the e-mail alerts, and rely on getting tenders sent direct to our mailbox. This has been incredibly handy, and saved us a lot of time and effort. The service has highlighted plenty of opportunities to tender for!

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