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In the news this week

New £10 million fund to drive private sector investment in nature
A new environment improvement fund will create numerous opportunities for businesses, by allowing them to seek grants of up to £100,000 or bid for contracts to help local authorities implement their own environmentally friendly projects.
The Natural Environment Investment Readiness Fund aims to encourage a range of nature projects across England, with the intent of developing them to a point where they can attract private investment. The aim is to create a pipeline of projects for the private sector to invest in, and develop new funding models that can be replicated elsewhere.

Wales commits to net zero by 2050, but sets out ambitions to get there sooner
The Welsh Government has set out its legal commitment to achieve net zero emissions by 2050, but is pushing to make significant improvements by 2030.
Their plan focuses on achieving cleaner air, ending harmful agricultural pollution, moving from fossil fuel extraction and towards green energy, as well as working towards a net zero public sector in Wales by 2030 and making Wales a zero waste nation.
We have seen a lot of projects already in other parts of the UK which aim to reduce environmental impact by replacing windows, improving insulation, adding solar panels and other improvements to cut public sector emissions. With wales making a significant effort for the entire public sector, there will be numerous contract opportunities created as a result.
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Voi launches long term scooter rental in West of England
The West of England Combined Authority will be the first place in the UK to offer long-term e-scooter rental, with residents able to keep a Voi vehicle at home for months at a time.
E-scooters are getting a lot of attention as greener and socially distanced forms of transport. The WECA started their e-scooters trials last year, but other regions are looking to run similar projects. This week alone both Rochdale and Colchester provided updates on their own e-scooter trials.

Top high value contract award notices

Title: United Kingdom-Preston: Security services
Short description: Manned security service across several business parks to protect the properties on site and prevent unauthorised access to the premises.
Published By: Lancashire County Developments (Property) Ltd
Date Published: 10 February 2021
Framework/DPS: No
Value excluding VAT: £932,755.20
Number of tenders received: 17
Contractors: FGH Security LtdFGH Security Ltd
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Title: United Kingdom-London: Cargo handling and storage services
Short description: a multi-supplier framework for the packing and transport of fine art, objects, storage of works, entire exhibitions and exhibition fixtures and fittings.
Published By: The Mayor and Commonalty and Citizens of the City of London
Date Published: 10 February 2021
Framework/DPS: Yes
Value excluding VAT: €3,800,000.00
Number of tenders received: 5
Contractors: MTEC Momart Crown Martinspeed | Constantine
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Title: United Kingdom-Weston-Super-Mare: Construction work for highways, roads
Short description: Replacement road over rail bridge at Winterstoke Road, Weston-super-Mare
Published by: North Somerset Council
Date Published: 10 February 2021
Framework/DPS: No
Value excluding VAT: £6,440,664.00
Number of tenders received: 5
Contractors: John Graham Construction Ltd
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