What are Low Value Tenders? 

Low value tenders are notices which fall below the UK public procurement thresholds, and therefore have fewer restrictions on them than high value (above threshold) tenders. The other significant difference between the two types of notice is that high value notices are published on Find a Tender, while low value notices have no centralised publishing platform.    

Why are low value tenders difficult to find? 

Because low value tenders do not have to be published on a specific website, there are hundreds of different sources buyers use to publish their notices, making the task of finding every relevant tender almost impossible. 

Because there are so many platforms, there can be significant formatting differences between each of them, affecting how successful your searches will be. Some include CPVs, others just use keywords, and some might only have a title with no other information, meaning you would have to put in a lot of work to ensure you are not missing any relevant opportunities.  

Each platform will have some form of search tool to help, but the quality of these varies as much as the tender formatting. Some are more sophisticated than others and will allow you to search by sector/category using CPV codes, while others are only able to search for title and publication/deadline date.  
When you consider all these issues, you realise just how ineffective trying to search for opportunities by yourself can be.  

How can Tenders Direct help me find low value tenders? 

Tenders Direct provides full coverage of public sector tenders of any value across the UK and ROI. Our Sourcing Specialists scour government databases, websites, trade journals and even news sites to transfer details of every low value notice to our database. 

Once a tender has been found, our Classification Specialists read it and re-classify the notice according to its product, service and industry using our unique keyword categories. This process creates an easily searchable and incredibly accurate database. These keywords also allow us to tailor our email alerts specifically to the needs of your company. 

With a Tenders Direct subscription, we guarantee you will never miss a tender. Visit our website for more information about our services or call our New Business Executives on 0800 222 9009 to discuss your needs. 

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