Do I need the support of a Bid Consultant?

Did you know there is a direct relationship between an organisation’s level of bid preparation, and their success rate for winning public sector contracts?

or that what they had was not fit for purpose, and 100% of respondents identified that they should be spending more time on their proposals.

If you are in the first group, rather than considering a bid consultant, you might first want to focus on developing your skills and discovering what you can manage yourself. For those falling into the second group, where time and resources are an issue, a bid consultant could certainly help relieve some of that pressure and help with on-time delivery.

Are you ready to bid for tenders?

◆ Do you have a formal document that captures your bid process?  
◆ Do you have a formal go/no go process and document in place?  
◆ Do you capture your bid strategy in a document at the beginning of the bidding process? 

If you answered NO to any of the above questions, you are limiting your capabilities and chances of success. 

It is not a reason to be concerned however, with some training you can improve your knowledge and tackle bid writing more efficiently. We would be happy to help you identify where you need to make improvements and can offer a free Tendering Health Check. Get in touch, and we’ll find out more about your business and tendering processes, then provide you with recommendations to get you tender ready.

Do you need a bid consultant?

Training is a long term solution, whereas the use of consultants is a short term option to fill gaps in your resources or capability. Bid Consultants can be incredibly helpful when you are short of time, unfamiliar with the tendering process, or need extra support to manage your bids. Seeking help from a consultant can take a lot of pressure of of you and your team and is a small price to pay to increase your chances of winning new business.

Their role can be as limited or as broad as needed, sometimes all you need is a second pair of eyes to proof your work, and other times, having someone to split your workload with can help you meet more deadlines.

Always think about how important a tender is to your business, and then identify the role a consultant could take on to help you produce your bid.

Bid Writer – Do you need support ensuring your bid reflects your organisation’s best qualities, or someone to help relieve pressure?

Bid Strategist – Do you need someone to help you formulate your bid strategy, and help you develop a proposal that stands out from the crowd?

Bid Reviewer – Do you need someone to review your work, suggest improvements, or edit your proposal to maximise your bid’s chance of success?

Bid Manager – Do you have a tender that is more complex than you had imagined, and need someone to help manage your bid from start to finish?

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