How does Tenders Direct reclassify tenders?

Of the many benefits of choosing Tenders Direct over all the other tender alert services, ‘humans not algorithms’ is one of the biggest – owing to the fact that it is one of our unique features.  

I am a Classification Specialist with Tenders Direct, and it is our team’s purpose to review and accurately re-classify EVERY UK and ROI tender on our site – ensuring our customers only ever receive relevant notices. A full explanation of why we need to reclassify tenders, and how it makes us the most accurate alert service, can be found in my colleague Kirsty’s post ‘Why does Tenders Direct reclassify tenders?’  

The Reclassification Process

Tender Reading
Our team of Sourcing Specialists find over 1,650 UK and ROI tenders each week, and it’s my team’s responsibility to read each of these notices and identify what the buyer is looking for.

Requirement Analysis
Tenders vary in their level of complexity and the number of specific requirements identified. This means no day is ever the same for our team – we may be able to get through a batch of 40 low-value tenders in a couple of hours, or we may be faced with high-value national Frameworks which require more time and effort to accurately reclassify.

Keyword Allocation
Our team has over 40 combined years of public procurement experience, and we use this knowledge to identify which of our 2,023 unique keywords to assign to notices. We’ll make decisions on removing and adding keywords until we are satisfied that the correct categories have been assigned, as well as reviewing where buyers are looking for suppliers and editing titles for accuracy (which can be very misleading otherwise). For more tricky tenders, we’ll check each other’s work to ensure nothing has been overlooked.

Once we’re confident that the tender notices have been reclassified correctly, we’ll make these available to our customers – as an email and via our website. For our emails, customers will only see tenders that match the categories they have chosen for their personalised alert profile.

Try Tenders Direct for yourself

Reclassification allows us to exclusively guarantee that the tenders you receive will always be relevant to your industry. 

If you visit our website, you can do both keyword and category searches – showing you the level of detail we go into – and then filter that down further by publication date and even region. We do also have a free demo of our paid service, which gives you access to our advanced search tools where you use more filter options to see how accurate our alerts can be. 

As mentioned above, I recommend checking out my colleague Kirsty’s post ‘Why does Tenders Direct reclassify tenders?’ for more information about reclassification. If you have any questions about our services, we have live chat on our website or you can call our Customer Experience Team on 0800 222 9010 for more information. 

Cameron, Tender Reviewer

“I am a Tender Reviewer at Tenders Direct, where I use my analytical skills to make sure accurate and most relevant tenders are sent to our customers. Having built up experience in the last 3 years in a very much niche sector, I’ve adapted into this with an ever-growing knowledge of public sector procurement. Outside of this, I am a keen runner always trying to push myself albeit slowly. I love music and you’ll find me pushing myself but unsuccessfully so musically with playing(or slapping) the bass.”

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