In short, they are the same thing. 

Traditionally a ‘Tender’ is a formal offer (bid) to supply goods, works, or services, but it is now also commonly used to describe the contracts people are bidding for – which can be confusing. While we might be able to rely on context to identify which is being described, there are alternative terms you can use to help avoid confusion.  

Interchangeable terms used to describe a procurement need within the public sector:  
◆ Request for Tender (RFT) 
◆ Invitation to Tender (ITT) 
◆ Contract 
◆ Opportunity 
◆ Contract opportunity 
◆ Notice 
◆ Tender 

Interchangeable terms used to describe a formal offer from a supplier to fulfil the procurement need: 
◆ Bid 
◆ Proposal 
◆ Offer 
◆ Submission 
◆ Tender 

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