Whether you are an experienced bidder or just starting out, you can increase your chances of winning contracts by conducting pre-engagement activities. 

What are pre-engagement activities? 

Pre-engagement is made up of interactions between you and a buyer before you start bidding for tenders. These activities help you to develop relationships with buyers, learn about their expectations, prospect for future opportunities and increase your chances of winning contracts. These activities are conducted before a contract is issued, as once a contract is live, all supplier to buyer communications must be published publicly.  

Gaining a better understanding of the market 

Before diving straight into bidding for work, it can be incredibly useful to get familiar with what is expected within the market – especially if you have never bid for work in the public sector. Looking at live, expired and even award notices can help you achieve this. 

  • Use live and expired notices to support bid planning by creating a record of common expectations and requirements listed by buyers. 
  • Use Contract Award Notices to see who won the work, and then conduct competitor analysis to see how your offering compares.  
  • Use contact details from award notices or expired contracts to get in touch with buyers and ask them about the procurement – while also introducing your business and taking the first steps to developing a relationship. 

Developing relationships with buyers 

Early engagement with buyers outside of the procurement process can raise the profile of your business and provide you with significant insight into the market. You could start a relationship with any of these activities. 

  • As noted above, enquire about past procurement decisions to learn about their needs and introduce your company.  
  • Ask about their project pipelines to learn about future opportunities you could bid for.  
  • Ask for feedback whenever you have submitted a bid, no matter the result, to better understand the reasons for their decisions and shape future proposals. 
  • If you believe a buyer needs more than what they have specified, then develop trust by shaping your bids to offer what is best for the client.  

Staying ahead of the competition 

Pre-engagement can also give you a significant advantage by creating opportunities that place you ahead of the competition. An active relationship with buyers could result in: 

  • Being informed directly of current or upcoming opportunities 
  • Getting invited to bid for invitation-only tenders 
  • Consideration for Early Supplier Involvement 

How can Tenders Direct help? 

To make your early engagement activities possible, Tenders Direct offers a range of easy-to-use services which allow you to effortlessly access the information you require. 

Track your competitors

With our Competitor Tracking Alerts, you can receive notices as soon as your rivals are announced as the winners of any public sector contract. Couple this with the ability to view all of their contract wins for the last 5 years, you can quickly build a picture of the opportunities they are going for – and contact buyers to find out why they were awarded the work.   

Stay informed of contract renewals 

We can give you a head start of several months for contract renewals with our Advance Tender Alerts. You can set up a profile to receive alerts of when relevant opportunities are due to expire and renewal contracts are likely. This gives you plenty of time to contact buyers, gain more information, and develop relationships. 

Access to all UK, ROI, and applicable OJEU Notices

Our database gives you access to a 5-year archive of notices. With our wide range of search filters, you can effortlessly find relevant industry tenders– and access the valuable information contained within. We also include FOI request buttons on all expired, contract award, and Advance Tender Alert notices. 

Support from our expert Bid Managers 

Have you conducted any form of competitor or buyer analysis to accurately assess your position within the market? Our consultants can work with you to make sure you have the right processes in place, helping to increase your efficiency and chances of winning contracts.

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