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Bidding opens again for £4.8 billion levelling up fund
The deadline for bids is 2 August 2022. There have been many ambitious plans shared in the media, and councils who secure Levelling Up Funding will end up looking for suppliers. We will share details of the successful bids once published, but to ensure you never miss a contracting opportunity you could sign-up to Tenders Direct.
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Climate change: Campaigners hail ruling on ‘net zero’
Increasing pressure on the UK Government to review its net-zero targets. Sustainability already plays a significant role in procurement, and as concern grows for climate change – so too may the sustainability requirements suppliers have to meet.

Transport Secretary more than trebles investment for rail in the north to over £9 billion
◆ Investment in TransPennine route upgrade bolstered by more than 200% to deliver a gold standard rail network to level up the north
◆ Additional funding will be spent on digital signalling technology, electrifying the full route, and building additional tracks for passenger and freight services
◆ Over £950m for the next phase of TransPennine route upgrades between Manchester and York

£70 million in fines for pharma firms that overcharged NHS
Pharmaceutical companies Pfizer and Flynn have been fined £63m and £6.7m respectively, after charging unfairly high prices for phenytoin sodium capsules for over 4 years. In one year, NHS costs for the drug rose from £2m to £50m.
While this is an extreme and unique case, it’s important to think carefully about your pricing as an important part of your overall bid strategy. For further reading on pricing, you may be interested in ‘Have you considered how pricing fits into your bid strategy?‘ and ‘What criteria do buyers use to evaluate bids?

Active Travel England framework document
The Department for Transport has published the framework document for Active Travel England, which has the overall objective for half of all journeys in towns and cities to be cycled and walked by 2030.

Flying taxis and vaccine carrying drones: £12 million fund opens for regulators to drive innovation across the UK
A new £12m fund will support regulators and local authorities develop initiatives that help businesses bring innovative products and services to market

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