ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: Tendering for Public Sector Contracts – It's easier than you think

No one starts off as an expert in bidding – everyone has to learn. If tendering for work seems challenging now, with a bit of support, it’ll soon be a lot less intimidating. That’s important to remember because there is SO MUCH work out there to win.

Did you know the UK public sector spends around £300bn a year on securing goods, works, and services from companies like yours? With transparent and fair procurement processes, 30-day payment periods, and favourable policies for SMEs – this is not a market you want to miss out on!

To help you get started, we’ve collated the most frequently asked questions from beginner bidders and will provide the answers in this webinar.

The topics we cover are:

 Structure of tenders
◆ The process steps and timelines involved in responding
◆ Understanding procurement terminology
◆ What you need in place to be ‘bid ready’
◆ How to evaluate your answers vs the scoring criteria
◆ How to build relationships with buyers
◆ Applying to Frameworks and Dynamic Purchasing Systems (DPS)
◆  Receiving and using feedback

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