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Timescales under the 2015 Public Contracts Regulations – updated

The Timescales Open Procedure Normally 35 calendar days. This can be reduced to 30 days if tender responses are submitted electronically. Or 15 calendar days if a Prior Information Notice (PIN) has […]

Regulation Day

At the beginning of this week we saw a number of regulations being transposed in the UK. These are as follows: Public Contracts (Scotland) Regulations 2015 New regulations transposing the 2014 EU […]

An Update on Framework Agreements

What is a Framework Agreement? The Public Contracts Regulations 2015 came into force in February 2015 and defined a Framework Agreement under Regulation 33 as: “an agreement between one or more contracting […]

Who am I? Central or Sub-Central Organisation? And why does it matter?

Contracting Authorities are divided into two types of organisations under both the 2014 EU Directive and 2015 UK Regulations. These are: Central Government Authorities Sub-Central Contracting Authorities So which are you? And […]

The 2015 Regulations on the aggregation of contracts and the use of Lots

The aggregation of contracts refers to the grouping together of similar contracts. The requirement to aggregate contracts is not a new obligation however has been the subject of much confusion in the […]

The 2015 Regulations on Electronic Submission of Tenders

As discussed in my previous blog post, the new 2015 Regulations have brought in new requirements surrounding the issuing of procurement documents electronically. In addition to this the new Regulations have also […]

The 2015 Regulations on Electronic Documents

The new 2015 Regulations have brought in new requirements surrounding the issuing of procurement documents. This blog post will focus on these new requirements and the key points that both contracting authorities […]

Remedies for NHS Procurement breaches and the role of Monitor

Breaches in procurement can be due to a number of reasons such as deliberate breaches and accidental breaches. It can be said that deliberate breaches are unlikely to occur as it can […]

Publication of OJEU notices at national level – the 48 hour publication rule

The rules on when an OJEU notice can be advertised nationally have changed. This blog post will aim to clarify the new rules and discuss the benefits and shortcomings of these new […]

‘Part B Services’ verses ‘Light Touch Regime’

Under the new regulations ‘Part B services’ have been abolished and replaced with the new ‘light touch regime’. Below we cover what the new rules are, what has changed and whether this […]

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