Public Contracts Roundup

Some recent hot topics and interesting opportunities from the world of public procurement… High Spend 2 The BBC has acquired some illuminating documents relating to the High Speed 2 project that are a tad problematic for some ministers. A letter sent by the Transport Secretary to the Chancellor in 2016 shows that ministers were aware […]

Public Contracts Roundup

What’s new and noteworthy over the last few weeks in the world of public procurement? No signal The bane of waste in public procurement – the National Audit Office (NAO) – has again uncovered substantial cost overruns and delays in a large-scale project: the Emergency Services Network. Already expected to cost £9.3 billion – almost […]

Social Value Update

Social value has gained more and more prominence in public procurement in recent years and moves are now underway to further prioritise and standardise these requirements. Following the government’s decision to obligate central government organisations to take account of social value in procurement as of this summer, the Cabinet Office is holding a consultation on proposals for […]

Public Contracts Roundup

What’s new and noteworthy over the last couple of weeks in the exciting world of public procurement? Simply the best There’s some pleasing news for the UK civil service in a new report from Oxford University’s Blavatnik School of Government. The International Civil Service Effectiveness Index ranks countries based on a variety of functions such as […]

The engine room of Tenders Direct

Meet our Review Team: (from left to right) Carol Davidson, Kirsty Macdonald-Ross, Ewan MacAskill and Cameron Masson. They provide something truly unique in our market: they read, analyse and categorise every english-language contract published in the Official Journal of the European Union as well as every below-threshold notice from across the UK and Ireland. Their […]

What skills do you need in your bid team?

Whether you’re a solo bid writer or part of a broader business development team, there are many skills required to secure the award of a contract and bid writing ability itself is just one of them.

Is your bid strategy working?

The key to a successful long term bid strategy is two-fold: identifying ambitious long term objectives and consistently working towards them, while also retaining the flexibility and freedom to exploit openings in the market. What happens when an organisation doesn’t have a long term strategy? Well, it drifts. It doesn’t move from point A to […]

Is your sales message tailored for tendering?

The award of public contracts may be more about costing and capability than your talent for delivering an inspiring pitch, but your sales message matters and can give you an edge – not least when you’re in a crowded competition. So how can you properly apply sales tactics in tendering? Adapting to the well-defined and […]

SMEs need to see obstacles as opportunities

SMEs face many challenges when trying to break into public sector contracting but shouldn’t let difficulties dissuade them: a sustainable pipeline of public sector work can be the key to prosperity in the long term. So how do you overcome the initial obstacles? View pre-qualification as a boost, not a burden With so many benchmarks […]