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Public Sector Round-Up 30.07.21

In the news this week:
◆ More than 1,000 flood schemes to benefit from record investment
◆ £338 million package to further fuel active travel boom
◆ Share of £30m Changing Places toilets fund now open for applications
◆ UK government offers funding to build A140 Long Stratton Bypass
◆ New £53 million funding for UK manufacturers to boost competitiveness through digital tech

Our top high value award notices for the week:
◆ £4.2m contract to manage sports facilities in Winchester
◆ £42m street cleaning service in London
◆ £1m disposable catering supplies in Lancashire
◆ £6m construction work in Sheffield
◆ £45.2m supply of firefighting, rescue and safety equipment in Birmingham

Tender Publishing Update:
◆ 706 low value tenders
◆ 370 high value tenders
◆ 115 frameworks/DPS

Public Sector Round-Up 23.07.21

Public Sector Round up

In the news this week:
◆ Extraordinary £30bn Prior Information Notice
◆ Prime Minister announces £50 million investment in grassroots football pitches
◆ £56 million package to support light rail through recovery period
◆ Smart technologies and data to future-proof UK energy
◆ New £375 million scheme to drive investment in innovative firms of the future opens for applications
◆ Review of National policy statement for national networks
◆ Government strategy to regenerate high streets
◆ Staffordshire schools to get £12million to improve buildings

Our top high value award notices for the week:
◆ £110m construction work in Lewes
◆ £4m building materials in Sunderland
◆ £680k construction related services in Chatham
◆ ££870k fire prevention services in London

Tender Publishing Update:
◆ 820 low value tenders
◆ 411 high value tenders
◆ 144 frameworks/dps

Public Sector Round-Up 16.07.21

In the news this week:
◆ Cornwall Council to spend £30m on offices to save money
◆ ‘Town Deal’ secured for Crewe
◆ New litter bin roll-out starts in North Lanarkshire
◆ £10 million River Aire flood defence repairs near completion
◆ £1.2 million fund will help UK make space safer

Our top high value award notices for the week:
◆ £10m security services in Coventry
◆ £375k software package and systems in Leicester
◆ £3m CCTV services in London
◆ £3.3m sewer survey services in London
◆ £2m technical planning services in Anglesey

Tender Publishing Update:
◆ 745 low value tenders
◆ 331 high value tenders
◆ 123 frameworks/DPS

Public Sector Round-Up 09.07.21

Public Sector Round up

In the news this week:
◆ Melton Borough Council submits £9.9m bid to fund town centre development projects
◆ Stockport begins work on new Local Plan
◆ £45 million Oswestry Innovation Park’s first phase approved
◆ Brighton council agrees to £2.7 million toilet refurbishment
◆ Building Safety Bill finally starts its passage

Our top high value award notices for the week:
◆ £3.5m housing construction in Glenrothes
◆ £3.3m street lighting in Leicester
◆ £2m land management services in Cardiff
◆ £732k e-learning services in Hamilton
◆ £5m catering services in Tooting

Tender Publishing Update:
◆ 795 low value tenders
◆ 363 high value tenders
◆ 122 frameworks or DPS

Public Sector Round-Up 18.06.21

In the news this week:
◆ Highways England announces £218m investment to improve roads across East of England
◆ £36 million boost for AI technologies to revolutionise NHS care
◆ First look at £39.5m plans to improve Leeds Station including pedestrianised of nearby streets and cycle lanes
◆ Plans submitted for low carbon social housing in Manchester.
◆ West Yorkshire to invest in new cycling infrastructure
◆ Finding next-gen space tech: DASA launches the Space to Innovate Campaign
◆ Pupils to benefit from better quality PE and sport next year

Our top high value award notices for the week:
◆ £6m of frozen and chilled food products in Huddersfield
◆ £1.25m for office furniture in Derby
◆ £2m van fleet replacement in Norwich
◆ £4.2m maintenance of overhead line switches for Network Rail
◆ £275k for an out of hours call handling service

Tender Publishing Update:
◆ 707 low value tenders
◆ 343 high value tenders
◆ 101 Frameworks or DPS

Public Sector Round-Up 11.06.21

In the news this week:
◆ Suppliers will now be asked to include Carbon Reduction Plans within their bids for major government contracts.
◆ Draft strategy sets out how Edinburgh will strive to become a climate ready, net zero Capital by 2030
◆ Thirty towns to share £725 million to help communities build back better
◆ PM announces new funding for Cornwall to create a G7 legacy for the region
◆ Major River Thames flood alleviation project passes key milestone
◆ Social investment pilot to fund over 200 homes for rough sleepers

Our top high value award notices for the week:
◆ £1.4m refuse and waste related services in Kent
◆ £5m vehicle fleet replacement in Cumbria
◆ £815k metrology systems in Sheffield

Tender Publishing Update:
◆ 701 low value tenders
◆ 295 high value tenders
◆ 106 Frameworks or DPS

Public Sector Round-Up 07.05.21

Public Sector Round up

Tender Publishing Update:
◆ 620 low value notices
◆ 316 high value notices
◆ 111 Frameworks and DPS

In the news this week:
◆ UK government to fund £37M into data-driven initiatives
◆ Government to publish Levelling Up White Paper

Our top high value award notices for the week:
◆ £6.3m broadband infrastructure for rural Oxfordshire
◆ £4.4m equipment provision to create a UK National Research Facility in Manchester
◆ £6.4m food supplies for the Northern Ireland Prison Services

Public Sector Round-Up 30.04.21

Tender Publishing Update:
◆ 685 low value notices
◆ 357 high value notices
◆ 122 Frameworks and DPS

In the news this week:
◆ Crown Commercial Service extends G-Cloud 12 to 2022
◆ Falkirk Council becomes ‘first’ Scottish local authority to ditch analogue telecare
◆ Westminster becomes ‘UK’s first’ local authority to install 1k EV charge points
◆ £1.8bn funding to keep schools in top condition

Our top high value award notices for the week:
◆ £41m security services contract in Worcester
◆ £10m ancillary roadworks in Glasgow
◆ £6.75m marketing and advertising work in London

Public Sector Round-Up 19.02.21

In the news this week:
◆ Government to bring an end to unsafe cladding with multi-billion pound intervention
◆ Record year for UK’s £8.9bn cyber security sector

Our top high value award notices for the week:
◆ £740k tendering technical specification for a new vessel in Aberdeen
◆ £2.2m cremator equipment to be placed in Southend Crematorium
◆ £3.14m framework for the provision of a range of security services in Belfast

Tender Update:
◆ 920 notices published across the UK in the last 7 days

Public Sector Round-Up 12.02.21

In the news this week:
◆ New £10 million fund to drive private sector investment in nature
◆ Wales commits to net zero by 2050, but sets out ambitions to get there sooner
◆ Voi launches long term scooter rental in West of England

Our top high value contract award notices:
◆ £1m manned security services in Preston
◆ €3.8m cargo handling and storage services in London
◆ £6.4m Construction work for highways in Weston-Super-Mare

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