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What is a Carbon Reduction Plan, and do I need one?

Suppliers bidding for major government contracts may have to demonstrate their commitment to achieving ‘Net Zero’ by including a Carbon Reduction Plan within their bids.

How does the National Procurement Policy Statement (NPPS) affect suppliers?

A greater focus is being put on how public spending can better support economic growth, Covid-19 recovery and net zero carbon emissions. We recommend suppliers familiarise themselves with these priorities to support future bids.

The Sourcing and Consultancy Playbooks

The Sourcing and Consultancy Playbooks

The UK Government has published guidance for how contracting authorities should manage relationships with suppliers. We recommend suppliers familiarise themselves with the guidance referenced, and use it to support future bids. 

Public Sector Round-Up 02.07.21

Weekly UK tender publishing update 1,079 729 350 New UK Tenders New LowValue Tenders New HighValue Tenders 110 84 412 New Frameworks or DPS Prior InformationNotices High Value ContractAward Notices Tender notices […]

Public Sector Round-Up 07.05.21

Public Sector Round up

Tender Publishing Update:
◆ 620 low value notices
◆ 316 high value notices
◆ 111 Frameworks and DPS

In the news this week:
◆ UK government to fund £37M into data-driven initiatives
◆ Government to publish Levelling Up White Paper

Our top high value award notices for the week:
◆ £6.3m broadband infrastructure for rural Oxfordshire
◆ £4.4m equipment provision to create a UK National Research Facility in Manchester
◆ £6.4m food supplies for the Northern Ireland Prison Services

December Round-up and Observations from 2020

The events of 2020 had an impact on public procurement. We saw a dip in opportunities with the first lockdown, but as the year drew to a close, we saw a significant number of new opportunities being created.

How do I find government contracts?

Did you know the UK Government spends over £290 billion on procurement each year?
In this post we look at how to find the contracts the government advertise to source goods, works, and services.

The 9 Step Tender Writing Process

Do you have an efficient process for writing tender proposals?
If not, you could be setting yourself up for failure. Our 9 step process guide details the most efficient way of planning your proposals, helping you to focus on what is needed and avoid dreaded rewrites.

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