Why we love low value tenders

Low value tenders are a good starting point for SMEs and companies with limited tendering experience – and there are many benefits to bidding for these types of contracts.

Top five considerations when bid writing

If you are a public sector supplier and you’ve found a tender that you want to go for – great news! Often some areas of a bid response get overlooked in the buzz of bidding for new business. Millstream Training and Consultancy offer bespoke Consultancy to companies looking for tailored support for their tendering exercises. […]

When a local tragedy highlights national public procurement concerns

In light of the recent Grenfell Tower tragedy that shocked the nation, questions are being raised over local procurement policies across the country. Cost effectiveness and value for money are often the paramount objectives as local authorities continue to face budget cuts. It is paramount however that quality, and more importantly safety, is not jeopardised. […]