The Sourcing and Consultancy Playbooks

The UK Government has published guidance for how contracting authorities should manage relationships with suppliers. We recommend suppliers familiarise themselves with the guidance referenced, and use it to support future bids. 

How are our Reviewers getting on?

In this post we speak to one of our Reviewers, Cameron, to find out if he has noticed a difference in the tenders being published since lockdown started.
Our team of Reviewers read, analyse and categorise every English-language OJEU contract as well as every below-threshold notice from across the UK and ROI.

A Closer Look: The Challenge

All businesses exist to overcome some sort of challenge on behalf of their clients. At Tenders Direct, we specialise in helping suppliers find – and win – public sector contracts. But aren’t public contract notices in the public domain? Surely this information is easy to find? Well, much like a needle in a haystack, relevant tenders […]