Have you considered how pricing fits into your bid strategy?

Setting prices too high could prevent you from winning contracts, but setting them too low could mean missing out on a bigger profit.
In this post we look at why you need to be strategic with your pricing, and offer guidance on what you should consider when setting your prices.

What are my chances of winning a tender?

People frequently doubt their chances of winning tenders, and in some cases these doubts prevent them from bidding at all. If you have been unsuccessful previously, don’t let it get you down.
In this post we offer some advice to help improve your confidence and your win rate.

Could you be taking on too much?

In this post we look at the issues associated with taking on too much when preparing bids, and the steps you can take to manage your workload.

What skills do you need in your bid team?

Whether you’re a solo bid writer or part of a broader business development team, there are many skills required to secure the award of a contract and bid writing ability itself is just one of them.

Is your bid strategy working?

Are you working towards long-term objectives, while also remaining flexible enough to capitalise on openings within the market?