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Public Sector Round-Up 19.02.21

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In the news this week

Government to bring an end to unsafe cladding with multi-billion pound intervention
The government has announced that it is committing £3.5bn to pay for the removal of unsafe cladding on residential buildings 18 metres (6 storeys) and over in England.
The government also plans to reduce the need for EWS1 forms, introduce a ‘Gateway 2’ developer levy, and start a new tax for the UK residential property development sector – to raise at least £2 billion over the next decade to help cover cladding remediation costs.

Record year for UK’s £8.9bn cyber security sector
A new government report shows that the UK’s growing cyber industry attracted record investment last year, despite the global pandemic.
◆ almost 50,000 people are now employed in UK cyber security
◆ Number of active cyber security firms in the UK increased 21 per cent on last year
◆ Sector contributed more than £4bn to the economy, attracting £800m of investment
◆ The industry continues to provided vital technical support to the NHS in the fight against coronavirus

With Covid-19 forcing organisations to adjust and adapt to new ways of working, there has been a significant demand for cyber security, and wider tech solutions. Looking at the number live notices for the industry, there are many opportunities available for IT businesses within the public sector. You can use our category searches to view all available IT Security Tenders or use this link to see every IT Related Tender.

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Top high value contract award notices

Title: United Kingdom-Aberdeen: Technical support services
Short description: Contract to develop a tendering technical specification and associated plans for the procurement of a new vessel in the near future.
Published By: Scottish Government
Date Published: 12 February 2021
Framework/DPS: No
Value excluding VAT: £740,842.00
Number of tenders received: 13 (of which were SMEs: 9)
Contractors: Houlder Ltd
View full notice on Tenders Direct

Title: United Kingdom-Southend-on-Sea: Industrial machinery
Short description: a contract for the design, supply, installation and maintenance of cremator equipment to be placed in Southend Crematorium.
Published By: Southend-on-Sea Borough Council
Date Published: 12 February 2021
Framework/DPS: No
Value excluding VAT: £2,200,000.00
Number of tenders received: 1
Contractors: Facultatieve Technologies Ltd
View full notice on Tenders Direct

Title: United Kingdom-Belfast: Investigation and security
Short description: a framework arrangement for the provision of a range of security services. 
Published by: NIE Networks Ltd
Date Published: 16 February 2021
Framework/DPS: yes
Value excluding VAT: £3,314,000.00
Number of tenders received, lot 1: 1
Number of tenders received, lot 2:
Number of tenders received, lot 3:
Contractors: RE:SURE Intelligence Ltd | Electronic and Security Services Ltd | BIDVEST Noonan (UK) Ltd
View full notice on Tenders Direct

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Budget 2020: What suppliers need to know

The UK’s first Budget as a non-EU state was announced on 11th March 2020 by Chancellor Rishi Sunak – who had only 4 weeks preparation time, after the surprise resignation of his predecessor Sajid Javid.

There were plenty of predictions for what we could expect to see within the budget, including tampon tax, tuition fees and inheritance tax (all of which were covered). However, for this post we will look at the announcements that are significant to suppliers seeking public sector contracts.


Coronavirus is a big issue as it can, and likely will, affect most businesses across the UK.
The Chancellor mentioned that there will be ‘significant impact on the UK economy,’ but this will be short lived and ‘life will return to normal’.
To combat the risk of 1/5 of the working age population being off work, the NHS will receive the funding it needs ‘whether it’s millions of pounds or billions of pounds’, to combat this virus.
The three point Coronavirus outbreak plan has a value of £30bn – but will receive further funding if necessary.

An extra £6bn will be spent on the NHS to pay for 40 new hospitals, 50,000 nurses, and 50 million more GP surgery appointments.
This is in addition to the £34bn which has already been promised to the NHS over the next 5 years.


£5.2bn was announced to help protect over 300,000 properties across England from flooding over the next 6 years.

The biggest investment in infrastructure since 1955 was announced with a budget of £600bn – this will be divided as follows:

  • £790m for England
  • £640m for Scotland
  • £360m for Wales
  • £210 for Northern Ireland

A significant £2.5bn pothole fund was announced to tackle an estimated 50m potholes across England over the next 5 years.


A safety fund of £1bn will be used to remove unsafe cladding from buildings above 18 metres tall in response to the Grenfell fire.

Affordable homes programme extended, with £1.1bn allocated to create 70,000 new homes in high demand areas. 

£650m will be used to tackle homelessness, with the aim of providing an extra 6,000 places for rough sleepers.


The government are keen to promote greener transport and have allocated £500m towards creating new electric car charging points.

A £270m Green Heat Networks scheme will encourage the adoption of low carbon heat sources.

£640m Nature for Climate Fund will plant over 40 million trees and restore 35,000 hectares of peatland across England.

£9.2 million funding package to introduce smart waste tracking and schemes to tackle fly-tipping more effectively


By 2024, the government wishes to invest £22bn a year into innovation. This is £4bn more than previously promised, and is claimed to be ‘the fastest and largest increase in R&D spend ever’.

‘The government will invest that money in the people, ideas and industries that will cement the UK’s world-leading position in science and technologies ranging from nuclear fusion to electric vehicles and life sciences.’

With such a significant investment, many exciting opportunities will open up for a range of organisations, helping the UK hold a leading position in science Post-Brexit.

What impact will this have on public procurement?

The impact of Corona virus will be unavoidable, but the measures the government are willing to take are reassuring. The significant investment in prevention and treatment will limit the impact this virus has on the workforce and business as a whole.

Overall, the substantial investment in health and infrastructure can only result in more contract opportunities for suppliers. The public sector will need companies to build hospitals, fix roads and develop housing.

Most interesting is the investment in ‘Innovation’. This funding will give suppliers scope to help the UK hold world-leading positions across numerous sectors – creating opportunities where there might have been none previously.

Now that the budget has been announced, contracts will be getting drawn up and issued promptly. Ensure you get notified of these opportunities first with www.tendersdirect.co.uk

If you have any questions or thoughts on the budget, leave them in the comments below.

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