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Public Sector Round-Up 12.02.21

In the news this week:
◆ New £10 million fund to drive private sector investment in nature
◆ Wales commits to net zero by 2050, but sets out ambitions to get there sooner
◆ Voi launches long term scooter rental in West of England

Our top high value contract award notices:
◆ £1m manned security services in Preston
◆ €3.8m cargo handling and storage services in London
◆ £6.4m Construction work for highways in Weston-Super-Mare

Public Sector Round-Up 04.12.20

In the news this week:
◆ £29 million to be invested in Stoke-on-Trent’s transport network
◆ Prime Minister announces £20m to grow medicines manufacturing in the UK

Our top OJEU award notices for the week:
◆ £50m ground investigation work for a range of transport schemes in Glasgow
◆ £16.5m refurbishment of Highgate Newtown Community Centre and Fresh Youth Academy
◆ £9.5m scanning, processing and data extraction services in Croydon

Tender Update:
◆ 1,112 notices were published across the UK in the last 7 days
◆ November saw the highest number of new opportunities created than any other month this year.

Public Sector Round-Up 27.11.20

Public Sector Round up

In the news this week:
◆ £10 billion package to build more homes and level up communities
◆ HMRC and Home Office the big winners as spending review commits £600m to ‘fix outdated government IT’
◆ Manchester council writes to government calling for extra funding for parks

Extraordinary notices:
◆ £462m DPS for the provision of sub-contractors to assist with the delivery of a wide range of service including repairs, maintenance, refurbishment and construction.

Our top OJEU award notices for the week:
◆ £17m construction work for railways and cable transport systems in London
◆ £5.3m Health and Wellbeing Centre construction in Wirral
◆ £2.4m integrated payment platform in Manchester

Tender Update:
◆ With 1204 tender notices published in the UK between 20.11.20 & 27.11.20, this week has one of the highest weekly totals we have seen this year.

Public Sector Round-Up 20.11.20

In the news this week:
◆ £175 million more for cycling and walking as research shows public support
◆ £16 million to introduce digital prescribing in hospitals

Extraordinary notices:
◆ £375m Framework Agreement for Provision of Sterile Services and Endoscopy Decontamination Facility

Our top OJEU award notices for the week:
◆ £800k to supply a range of supportive medicines in London.
◆ £2m to provide Street-lighting maintenance services in Stockport.
◆ £4.5m to print personalised letters as part of the Covid-19 Infection Survey.

Tender Update
◆ 1144 new notices were published across the UK between 13.11.20 & 19.11.20.

Public Sector Round-Up 13.11.20

In the news this week:
◆ Government gives £60 million seal-of-approval for North Devon Link Road
◆ Communities at risk of flooding urged to apply for a share of £200m resilience programme
◆ Brent Council to spend £10 million on Northwick Park road

Our top OJEU award notices for the week:
◆ £1.2m to provide internet and telephony services in Glasgow.
◆ £17m to provide system and support services to Cleveland Police.
◆ £7m to drill and complete a single 4,500m geothermal well in Cornwall.

Tender Update
◆ 1180 new notices were published across the UK between 06.11.20 & 12.11.20.
◆ As of 13 Nov 2020, there are over 4,200 live notices across the UK and ROI.

Public Sector Round-Up 23.10.20

Public Sector Round up

In the news this week: £42 million to tackle congestion on the A630, and a £320 million Commonwealth Games transport plan to be developed.
Our top OJEU notices feature two awards in Northern Ireland, both received only 1 tender each, and awarded the work to SMEs. The other award of the week is a contract in Newport for significant sprinkler system installations.
The number of notices published this week was in line with the weekly average seen in 2019, showing that the public sector continues to be a great source of new business opportunities.

Public Sector Round-Up 09.10.20

In the news this week: £51m worth of work on the A19 is to start 6 months early, ports to receive significant post-Brexit infrastructure fund, and £160m dedicated to producing wind turbines in England, Scotland and Wales.
Our top OJEU notices for the week feature a contract for over £2m worth of medical supplies, a contract for £34m worth of cargo handling and storage services, and a £50m award for billing, metering and interface equipment.
995 notices were published in the last 7 days, a significant increase on the previous week.

Public Sector Round-Up 18.09.20

In the news this week: £800m tender for Covid-19 home test kits, £1bn NHS PC and print framework opened and £30m funding injection to unlock land for new homes.
Our top OJEU notices for the week feature a £2bn modular homes construction contract in Birmingham, £23.5m contract for road repair and maintenance, and a £4m award for a range of marketing services.
This week we saw 938 notices published across the UK, which is 12% more than last week – meaning plenty more opportunities for you to win new business.

Public Sector Round-Up 04.09.20

In the news this week: £500 million investment in quick result COVID-19 tests, £50m NHS Funding to Boost AI Usage, and Shovel-ready 5G hub project for in Nottinghamshire.
Our top OJEU notices for the week feature a significant contract in Devon for repair and maintenance services of wheelchairs, extensive construction work for the Museum of London, and General-practitioner services in Birmingham.
There was one significant prior information notice this week for The Gambling Commission, valued at £6.4 for the licence to deliver the UK National Lottery.

Public Sector Round Up 28.08.20

In the news this week, £32.5 million investment confirmed for Moray, SME’s encouraged to engage with Highways England for £1bn Tech Contract, and £1.5bn Navy contract could open up to EU suppliers.Our […]

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