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Public Sector Round-Up 04.09.20

In the news this week: £500 million investment in quick result COVID-19 tests, £50m NHS Funding to Boost AI Usage, and Shovel-ready 5G hub project announced for Nottinghamshire.
Our top OJEU notices for the week feature a significant contract in Devon for repair and maintenance services of wheelchairs, extensive construction work for the Museum of London, and General-practitioner services in Birmingham.
There was one significant prior information notice this week for The Gambling Commission, valued at £6.4 for the licence to deliver the UK National Lottery.

UK tenders update




Total UK Tender
Low-Value NoticesOJEU Notices
Tender notices published in the UK between 28.08.20 & 03.09.20

Top OJEU contract award notices

Title: United Kingdom-Exeter: Repair and maintenance services of wheelchairs
Short description: NHS Devon CCG has appointed a prime provider in the locality of Plymouth, South Hams and West Devon to provide wheelchair services both standard and specialist for children, young people and adults.
Published By: NHS Devon Clinical Commissioning Group
Date Published: 31 August 2020
Framework/DPS: No
Value excluding VAT: £9,185,00.00
Number of tenders received: 3
Contractors: A J Mobility
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Title: United Kingdom-London: Museum construction work
Short description: Anticipated works include extensive strip out, asbestos removal, cast iron works, roof and façade repair and conservation, upper floor structural repairs, basement opening up and brickwork cleaning.
Published By: Museum of London
Date Published: 01 September 2020
Framework/DPS: No
Value excluding VAT: £9,454,486.00
Number of tenders received: 3
Contractors: Paye Stonework and Restoration Ltd
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Title: United Kingdom-Birmingham: General-practitioner services
Short description: NHS Arden and Greater East Midlands Commissioning Support Unit (NHS Arden and GEM CSU) on behalf of Birmingham and Solihull CCG invited suitably qualified providers who were capable of delivering primary medical services for a period of 7 years.
Published by: NHS Birmingham and Solihull Clinical Commissioning Group
Date Published: 28 August 2020
Framework/DPS: No
Value excluding VAT: £25,047,000.00
Number of tenders received, lot 1: 4
Number of tenders received, lot 2: 5
Number of tenders received, lot 3: 4
Number of tenders received, lot 4: 4
Contractors: Amaanah Medical Practice | Dr Shabana Rahman | The Practice Surgeries Ltd | Our Health Partnership
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In the news this week

£500 million funding for quick result COVID-19 test trials
A new £500 million funding package will be invested in next generation testing technology and increased testing capacity, the Health and Social Care Secretary announced today.
To date, our large-scale COVID-19 testing system has carried out more than 16 million tests and this new funding for quick result test trials and repeat population testing will help take the programme to the next level.

NHS to Receive £50 Million in Funding to Boost AI Usage
The NHS is set to receive this funding boost for the development of artificial intelligence (AI) to help diagnose and treat serious diseases like cancer.
The £50m will go towards scaling-up work at three existing Digital Pathology and Imaging Artificial Intelligence Centres of Excellence, which will in turn upgrade 38 NHS trusts and benefit 26.5 million patients across England.

Shovel-ready project investment secured for 5G Hub in Nottinghamshire
Nottinghamshire County Council has announced the successful application to establish a 5G Enabled Digital Centre in North Nottinghamshire.

Stand out prior information notices

£6.4bn Call for Competition for the 4th UK National Lottery Licence
The Gambling Commission is launching a process to award a licence to deliver the UK National Lottery. The current licence to operate the National Lottery expires in 2023 and we are now launching the 4th National Lottery Licence Competition to identify the operator of the next licence. We are running a competition through which potential operators (including consortia) can apply to become the Licensee for the 4th National Lottery Licence. This contract notice serves to notify the market of the launch of competition.
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Top Contract Award Notices this week 19/06/2020

In the last week, over 400 contract award notices were published across the UK.
Below you will find our top three notices from the last 7 days. 

Title: United Kingdom-Belfast: Provision of services to the community
Short description: Due to the outbreak of Corona Virus, an immediate and urgent requirement to provide food products to those most in need was identified. This notice details the arrangements put in place due to the urgency of the requirement.
Published By: Flagship Housing Group
Date Published: 12 June 2020
Framework/DPS: No
Value excluding VAT: £6,800,000.00
Number of tenders received: 3
Contractors: Lynas Foodservice | Henderson Foodservice Ltd | Musgrave Distribution Ltd

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Title: United Kingdom-Norwich: Repair and maintenance services of firefighting equipment
Short description: Contract for the routine servicing, maintenance and responsive repairs of all fire safety, warden call, door entry and CCTV equipment.
Published By: Flagship Housing Group
Date Published: 18 June 2020
Framework/DPS: Yes
Value excluding VAT: £589,698.45
Number of tenders received, lot 1: 11
Number of tenders received, lot 2: 9
Number of tenders received, lot 3: 6
Contractors: M English Security Ltd | Malthouse Security Ltd

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Title: United Kingdom-Treforest: Advertising and marketing services
Short description: A contract for content and distribution services to raise the profile of Wales as a place to visit, work, invest and more over the next 2-4 years.
Published By: Welsh Government
Date Published: 18 June 2020
Framework/DPS: No
Value excluding VAT: £28,000,000.00
Number of tenders received: 8
Contractors: The Orchard Media and Events Group

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Changes to procurement policy: Supplier relief due to COVID-19

Businesses of all sizes are feeling the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, and on March 20th the Cabinet Office issued reassurance to suppliers with the Procurement Policy Note: Supplier relief due to COVID-19. The document serves as guidance for public sector bodies on protecting suppliers, their workforce and supply chains, helping to ensure service continuity now and into the future. 

The policy changes have been put in place with immediate effect until 30 June 2020, and the key actions are:

  • Urgent review of contract portfolio and inform suppliers who they believe are at risk that they will continue to be paid as normal (even if service delivery is disrupted or temporarily suspended) until at least the end of June.
  • Put in place the most appropriate payment measures to support supplier cash flow; this might include a range of approaches such as forward ordering, payment in advance/prepayment, interim payments and payment on order (not receipt). 
  • If the contract involves payment by results then payment should be on the basis of previous invoices, for example the average monthly payment over the previous three months. 
  • Ensure invoices submitted by suppliers are paid immediately on receipt (reconciliation can take place in slower time) in order to maintain cash flow in the supply chain and protect jobs.  
  • To qualify, suppliers should agree to act on an open book basis and make cost data available to the contracting authority during this period. They should continue to pay employees and flow down funding to their subcontractors. 

As a supplier, the final point highlights that during this period, you will need to work collaboratively and ensure there is full transparency and operate on an ‘open book’ basis. This means you should share data if requested, to demonstrate the payments you receive have been used in the manner intended.  

The PPN provides full details of how public sector bodies are to respond to issues that will affect contract delivery and are a direct result of COVID-19.

Click here to read the full PPN on GOV.uk

Don’t stop bidding because of COVID-19

While catching up with our business development team, it was interesting to hear that a small number of people are choosing to postpone searching for contracts until after this pandemic. When I asked Euan Henderson, Assistant Sales Manager, what his thoughts were on this, his response was as follows:

“I talk to businesses looking for our support in finding them Public Sector contracts on a daily basis. In the last few days I’ve spoken to a handful who think they can cut costs and pick up business when things are ‘back to normal’. 

“This is a bad decision.  

“If you are waiting until after the pandemic to start bidding on tenders, think differently. The public sector will always need suppliers, so now is the time to ensure you are building a pipeline of bids and working to secure business for the future.   

“Thinking about searching for tenders yourself? Save your resources! Tenders are published on over 500 portals, meaning that without Tenders Direct, you would have to spend a LOT of time searching different sites and sifting through notices to find anything suitable. 

“Most of the businesses I’ve been speaking to are trying to be as proactive as possible, and if they are your competitors, then they are going to have plenty of business lined up over the next few months.”  

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Changes to procurement policy: Responding to Covid-19

On March 18th, the government acknowledged the strain on the public sector by making changes to procurement policy, and ensuring resources can be sourced as a matter of urgency.

These policy changes allow for the following:

  1. direct award due to extreme urgency;
  2. direct award due to absence of competition or protection of exclusive rights;
  3. call off from an existing framework agreement or dynamic purchasing system;
  4. call for competition using a standard procedure with accelerated timescales;
  5. extending or modifying a contract during its term.

What does this mean for suppliers?

If buyers can demonstrate that they have an ‘extreme urgency’ for goods, services or works, and/or there are no other suitable suppliers, they can enter into contracts without competing or advertising as long as they have satisfied several criteria categories. On top of this, buyers also have the ability to make changes or extend existing agreements.

For accelerated timescales, you will have to pay very close attention to tender notices:

  • Check your tender alerts thoroughly.
  • Make sure you have the people and resources needed to complete your bid.
  • Ensure your pricing strategy works for your business.
  • Check you have addressed all the key criteria.  

For suppliers providing ‘non-urgent’ goods and services

Despite uncertainty with other industries, the public sector will always have a requirement for goods and services. In the last week, the number of tender notices published for the UK was 1613, which is not far off the weekly average of 1664 seen in 2019. Looking across the UK, ROI and EU, there are around 25,000 live notices.

There is reassurance in knowing that there is still a drive to maintain normality during such unprecedented circumstances. We will be keeping a close eye on these figures and letting you know if there are significant changes and providing you with more insight into the sectors that may be affected.

We hope your workplace has not been affected too dramatically by the unprecedented situations caused by COVID-19.

Wishing you the best of health.

Rapid sanitising technology for ambulances needed to combat Coronavirus

The Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) is looking for innovative and novel ways of cleaning ambulances quickly to help combat Coronavirus.

After transporting a patient suspected of having COVID-19, it can take up to 45 minutes to clean the ambulance used. When you also consider that many ambulance cleaning facilities are located some distance from their hospital or base, current methods are adding delays onto a significantly busy service.

With their new Open Call for Innovation, DASA are seeking help to identify rapid sanitising technology for ambulances. The deadline was originally listed as 1 April 2020 – since first publishing this post, the deadline has been removed and the call is still live.

DASA are looking for solutions which can be deployed rapidly, and will be suitable for use beyond ambulances – trains, buses and even in rooms. There is a particular interest in mobile, easy to use and robust solutions.

More information about this Open Call for Innovation can be found here: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/covid-19-call-for-rapid-sanitising-technology-for-ambulances

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