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Public Sector Round-Up 09.07.21

Public Sector Round up

In the news this week:
◆ Melton Borough Council submits £9.9m bid to fund town centre development projects
◆ Stockport begins work on new Local Plan
◆ £45 million Oswestry Innovation Park’s first phase approved
◆ Brighton council agrees to £2.7 million toilet refurbishment
◆ Building Safety Bill finally starts its passage

Our top high value award notices for the week:
◆ £3.5m housing construction in Glenrothes
◆ £3.3m street lighting in Leicester
◆ £2m land management services in Cardiff
◆ £732k e-learning services in Hamilton
◆ £5m catering services in Tooting

Tender Publishing Update:
◆ 795 low value tenders
◆ 363 high value tenders
◆ 122 frameworks or DPS

How does the National Procurement Policy Statement (NPPS) affect suppliers?

A greater focus is being put on how public spending can better support economic growth, Covid-19 recovery and net zero carbon emissions. We recommend suppliers familiarise themselves with these priorities to support future bids.

Public Sector Round-Up 04.06.21

Tender Publishing Update:
◆ 661 low value notices
◆ 318 high value notices
◆ 125 Frameworks and DPS

In the news this week:
◆ New Procurement Policy Note (PPN) puts a greater focus on Social Value
◆ Government agrees conditions-based £1.08 billion funding deal with Transport for London
◆ £8m package of improvements for A64 in Yorkshire
◆ Millions more funding for projects to make our streets safer
◆ Government announces 10 councils to test the use of digital tools in planning process
◆ Huge expansion of tutoring in next step of education recovery
◆ Government fund will support new ideas for cleaning up space

Our top high value award notices for the week:
◆ £110.5m construction work in London
◆ £75m construction work for the Carlisle Southern Link Road
◆ £100m ICT services in Salford

Public Sector Round-Up 07.05.21

Public Sector Round up

Tender Publishing Update:
◆ 620 low value notices
◆ 316 high value notices
◆ 111 Frameworks and DPS

In the news this week:
◆ UK government to fund £37M into data-driven initiatives
◆ Government to publish Levelling Up White Paper

Our top high value award notices for the week:
◆ £6.3m broadband infrastructure for rural Oxfordshire
◆ £4.4m equipment provision to create a UK National Research Facility in Manchester
◆ £6.4m food supplies for the Northern Ireland Prison Services

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