Meeting voluntary standards to maximise the triple bottom line

  The new ISO 20400:2017 focuses on ensuring procurement has a positive environmental, social and economic impact. Although this new standard is voluntary, sustainable procurement and careful management of supply chains are vital to achieving a triple bottom line ‘people, planet and profit’. Millstream’s General Manager, Penny Godfrey, comments further at

Social and environmental factors in the new regulations – How will they impact buyers?

The recent changes in the public procurement regulations have resulted in greater clarity concerning the rules on social and environmental aspects. Social aspects can now also be taken into account in certain circumstances (in addition to environmental aspects which have previously been allowed) In practice this could mean including specifications for design work to contain […]

Solar Power Tenders – Summer Must be on It’s Way!

Did you know: 1 University, 2 Housing Associations and 3 Councils are installing up to 15k Solar Panels over the next 3 years. And that is just the tenders for one week! Someone out there must be predicting a scorcher this summer! It is so nice to see the Public Sector looking for alternative means of […]

The launch of specifications for sustainable procurement and collaborative working offers a powerful strategic weapon for purchasers and suppliers

The launch of specifications for sustainable procurement and collaborative working offers a powerful tool for suppliers and purchasers.   Lord Jones, former director-general of the CBI, believes they should form part of any organisation’s strategic weaponry. UK businesses operate in a highly competitive global environment where agility, efficiency and innovation are the watchwords of success and […]

Food Procurement – buy local or buy cheap?

MP’s have been urging local authorities and other public sector bodies to support local farmers and source their food within the UK. I can only assume this is for contracts under the EU procurement thresholds, otherwise how can public sector bodies award £2 billion worth of food contracts just within the UK? When I initially […]