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Public Sector Round-Up 04.12.20

Weekly UK tender publishing update




Total UK




or DPS
Prior Information
Award Notices
Tender notices published in the UK between 27.11.20 & 03.12.20

An incredible 6,469 tender notices were published across the UK & ROI last month, creating a significant number of opportunities to secure work for 2021. View the full stats for November 2020.

In the news this week

£29 million to be invested in Stoke-on-Trent’s transport network
The Transforming Cities Fund will allow for major improvements around Stoke-on-Trent and Longton train stations, along with new cycling and walking links, plus upgrades to city centre bus station.
The funding aims to better connect the community and open up access to jobs, housing and services.

Prime Minister announces £20m to grow medicines manufacturing in the UK
The Medicines and Diagnostic Manufacturing Transformation Fund will open up investment opportunities for medicine manufacturers in England, Scotland and Wales. The aim of this funding is to put UK companies ahead of global competitors in advanced medicines manufacturing, while helping them respond to future healthcare needs – and increasing the overall health resilience of the UK.

Top OJEU contract award notices

Title: United Kingdom-Glasgow: Ground investigation work
Short description: A Multi-supplier Framework Agreement (MFA) with a number of ground investigation contractors to carry out and report on ground investigation works of varying scope, complexity and value in connection with trunk road and other transport infrastructure schemes promoted by the Scottish Ministers through Transport Scotland. 
Date Published: 27 November 2020
Framework/DPS: Yes
Value excluding VAT: £50,000,000.00
Number of tenders received: 7 (Of which were SMEs: 5)
Contractors: Fugro GeoServices Ltd | Ian Farmer Associates (1998) Ltd | Raeburn Drilling and Geotechnical Ltd | Soil Engineering Geoservices Ltd | WYG Group
View full notice on Tenders Direct

Title: United Kingdom-London: Construction work
Short description: The refurbishment of Highgate Newtown Community Centre and Fresh Youth Academy. The works will provide an estimated 1 754 m2 of community centre facilities, comprising Highgate Newtown Community Centre and the Fresh Youth Academy, and approximately 3 610 m2 of residential floor space.
Published By: London Borough of Camden
Date Published: 01 December 2020
Framework/DPS: No
Value excluding VAT: £16,570,417.15
Number of tenders received: 5
Contractors: Farrans Construction trading as a division of Northstone (NI) Ltd
View full notice on Tenders Direct

Title: United Kingdom-Croydon: Scanning services
Short description: This requirement was to procure a replacement contract for scanning, processing and data extraction services which are located off HM Land Registry premises.
Date Published: 01 December 2020
Framework/DPS: No
Value excluding VAT: £9,500,000.00
Number of tenders received: 6
Contractors: Xerox (UK) Ltd
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Ask the Experts Q&A: Wednesday 16 December 2020, 1.00 – 1.45PM

Are there specific questions about tendering you would love to have answered?
Join our webinar where we will be taking questions from the floor!

Whether you want to know more about finding the right tenders, or what to do once you’ve found them – our experts will answer any questions you have.
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Tenders Direct is the UK’s most accurate tender alert service. We are the only service to guarantee that with us – you’ll never miss a tender.

For more information about we can help you find and win more work in the public sector, please visit www.tendersdirect.co.uk or call us on 0800 222 9009.

Top Contract Award Notices this week 01/05/2020

In the last week, over 570 contract award notices were published across the UK.
Below you will find our top three notices from the last 7 days. 

Title: United Kingdom-Reading: Gas network equipment
Published By: SSE Service plc
Date Published: 28 April 2020
Framework/DPS: Yes
Value excluding VAT: £55,000,000.00
Number of tenders received: 6
Contractors: Radius Systems Plus | Glynwed Pipe Systems Ltd (T/A GPS PE Pipe Systems) | Kimplas Ltd | George Fischer Sales Ltd

Access the full tender notice with your Tenders Direct login details HERE

Title: United Kingdom-London: Construction work
Published By: Football Foundation
Date Published: 30 April 2020
Framework/DPS: No
Value excluding VAT: £242,000,000.00
Number of tenders received: 9
Contractors: ACo. Creation Grass Ltd | Lano Sports NV | Limonta Smith JV Ltd | FieldTurf Tarkett SAS | Tiger Turf Uk Ltd | SIS Pitches UK Ltd

Access the full tender notice with your Tenders Direct login details HERE

Title: United Kingdom-London: Medical consumables
Published By: NHS Supply Chain Operated by DHL Supply Chain Ltd
Date Published: 30 April 2020
Framework/DPS: Yes
Value excluding VAT: £168,000,000.00
Number of tenders received, lot 1: 13
Number of tenders received, lot 2: 14
Number of tenders received, lot 2: 16
Contractors: Becton, Dickinson U.K. Ltd | Crest Medical Ltd | GBUK Ltd | Greiner Bio-One Ltd | GS Medical Healthcare Ltd | IMS Euro Ltd | Radiometer Ltd | Sarstedt Ltd | Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Ltd | Smiths Medical International Ltd | Mornington 2000 LLP | Vygon (U.K.) Ltd | Cambridge Sensors Ltd | Central Medical Supplies Ltd | Data (Southern) Enterprises Ltd | Medline Industries Ltd | Owen Mumford Ltd | Prospect Diagnostics Ltd | Richardson Healthcare Ltd | Ypsomed Ltd | Henry Schein UK Holdings Ltd |

Access the full tender notice with your Tenders Direct login details HERE

Are your competitors listed above? Would you like to know their public sector success rate, market share and the types of opportunities they’re targeting? 
With our Competitor Tracking Alerts, you can view their past wins with our five year archive of award notices, and receive alerts when any organisation(s) you choose are announced as winners of above threshold public contracts. 
For more information, please contact us on 0800 222 9009 to discuss further. 

Framework Agreements: What You Need to Know

Screenshot (34)

What are framework agreements?

Frameworks are “umbrella agreements” that sets out the terms – particularly relating to price, quality and quantity – under which individual contracts (call-offs) can be awarded throughout the period of the agreement (normally a maximum of 4 years). They are typically used when the buyer(s) identify a need for specific products or services but are unsure of the scope or time-frame.

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A Closer Look: The Fix


In our last blog we outlined the challenge faced by suppliers when attempting to find suitable public sector contracts. Missing out on just one opportunity – particularly a framework agreement which can encompass many invitations to tender – is a nightmare scenario for any company. In this post we focus on how Tenders Direct prevents lucrative public work from passing our customers by.

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Tender Forecasting

deadline-stopwatch-2636259_1920A little heads up can go a long way in the world of public sector tendering. Suppliers usually rely on Prior Information Notices (PINs) to give them a heads up that a contract was soon to be out there to bid on.

PINs are a great way to prepare for a bid response, but the time a supplier has to prepare their bid off the back of a PIN can vary: some PINs can be live for as little as a month before the contract notice comes out.

The longer the supplier has, the better position they are in to make a successful bid. That’s why Tenders Direct has launched Advance Tender Alerts.

Advance Tender Alerts provide suppliers with notifications of tenders, related to their business, up to six months before they expire – covering both above and below threshold opportunities.

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Pet Hates of Suppliers (What not to do if you are a buyer)

A few months ago my colleague Cindy published a blog on the Pet Hates of Buyers which went through some of the main issues that buyers have had when dealing with suppliers. This blog will consider the other side of the coin and cover some of the pet hates that suppliers have when bidding for tenders.

Through my experience working in the Tenders Direct support team I have put together this blog from feedback that we have received from our customers and other external companies that are involved in public sector tendering.

The issues can be broken down into two main areas. Firstly all issues relating to the tendering process (planning, identifying the needs, market analysis and tendering) and secondly all issues that relate to the post tender activities (contract management, supplier relationship management and the actual performance of the contract). Continue reading “Pet Hates of Suppliers (What not to do if you are a buyer)”

Tendering across Europe – How to step out of the UK

With £714 billion being spent on the public sector in the UK in 2014 you may feel that there is plenty of business to go around. However, if you are considering broadening your options or want to look further afield you could consider bidding for tenders across the European Union.

The European Union was created on the basis of it being a single market which includes the free movement of goods, capital, people and services across all member states. In practice this means that a UK company should have an equal chance of winning a tender in a different EU member state as the local companies and there should be no barrier to intra-EU trade. We often hear of dissatisfaction that local contracts in the UK have been awarded to non-local suppliers and so this could be considered the other side of that coin.

While it may seem like it is easy to go for these types of opportunities there are certain things that need to be considered before taking the leap! All the points made by my colleague Gemma on this blog: How SMEs can break into the public sector will apply but there will be other aspects that will need to be considered as well.

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Your Rights as a Supplier

The most common question that we get from Tenders Direct customers is: ‘What rights do we have once we put in a bid?’

The answer to that is dependent on what stage of the process the supplier is at and the rights for both stages are listed below:

For the PQQ

Questions should only be asked of your company and not your potential solution (It should be about selection of suppliers and not an evaluation of your product).

Buyers have a legal requirement to notify candidates eliminated at the PQQ stage “as soon as reasonably practicable”.

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Why are framework agreements important to SMEs?

Link to Tenders Direct homepage

In our blog about election manifestos one thing that was clear is that all the main parties feel that involvement of SMEs in procurement is the key to economic growth. The current Government set a target of 25% of all Central Governments spend to be with SMEs when it came to power in 2010 and it met this target in the 2013-2014 financial year. Framework agreements represent around 45% of procurements in the UK and compared to other EU nations the UK uses this type the most. The purpose of this blog is to explain how important framework agreements can be for SMEs.

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2015 Procurement Regulations – Changes to the ITT stage – What Suppliers Need to Know.

Following on from our recent blog regarding the changes to the PQQ stage in the new 2015 Procurement Regulations we are going to look at what has changed at the ITT stage and what suppliers need to be aware of when tendering to the public sector.

The most important changes to the ITT stage for suppliers are:

1) There is now greater clarity regarding the rules on social and environmental aspects being taken into account in tenders meaning that:

  • social aspects can now also be taken into account in certain circumstances (in addition to environmental aspects which have previously been allowed);
  • contracting authorities can require certification/labels or other equivalent evidence of social/environmental characteristics, further facilitating procurement of contracts with social/environmental objectives;
  • contracting authorities can refer to factors directly linked to the production process.

The caveat to this is that any factors taken into account must be reasonably achievable for all suppliers so as not to favour larger companies or specific methodologies. We would encourage suppliers to keep a check on your key buyers to see what policies they have in these areas and how they are likely to implement these new rules. For example do they have a big drive on apprenticeships or carbon emissions you could support them on? In general it would be a good idea to start gathering data, case studies and evidence of your company’s positive social and environmental impacts to use in your responses going forward as the level of detail asked for in these questions is only going to increase.

2) Full life-cycle costing can be taken into account when awarding contracts; this could encourage more sustainable and/or better value procurement which will hopefully save money for tax payers in the long term. Continue reading “2015 Procurement Regulations – Changes to the ITT stage – What Suppliers Need to Know.”

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